Members of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) State unit on Monday said the money spent by established political parties during polls was extremely high and largely went unchecked.

The members said that during poll campaigning, they sensed that voters in Hyderabad and elsewhere wanted a for change in leadership.

AAP leader Shazia Ilmi, while interacting with press persons, said that in some pockets of Hyderabad, voters were even afraid to come out and openly interact with them. “Many came and told us how much they are afraid of the local leaders. They said they wanted to help us and campaign with for us but could not to do,” she said.

Former CFO of Infosys, V. Balakrishnan, party’s MP candidate in Bangalore, said that poll expenditure was extremely high and it is for the voters to make a right choice in the elections.

“Many corrupt politicians are promising a stable government. Stability with corruption is no good. AAP always stood for honest, clean and corrupt free government and it’s up to the voters now,” he said.

AAP members also said that they have signed an affidavit stating that if they get elected, won’t use vehicles with red beacons, not accept government bungalows and take opinions of constituents of their respective Assembly before spending money from their MPLADS funds.