“Let reconstruction start at Malini if you are so serious about it,” an angry Kinaka Sumanbai, the first voter in Telangana, throws a challenge at the leaders who are expected here any day to seek votes.

Politicos are sure to be grilled by frustrated voters of Chinna Malini and Pedda Malini villages who have a distinction of sorts as their polling station is categorised as number 1 in Telangana as it is the first one in Sirpur, the Assembly constituency number 1 with Sumanbai leading the names in the electoral roll.

A former stronghold of Left-wing extremists, Malini polling station is now the El Dorado for lower level political and government functionaries who easily swindled funds taking advantage of its remoteness as it is located about 18 kms from constituency headquarter town of Sirpur.

The polling station has 409 voters who live in almost complete isolation as the RTC does not ply its services on the partly motorable road from Sirpur town side while the villages cannot be approached from Wankidi due to the damaged road.

“Our cries for help do not cross these tall hills surrounding our villages,” rues Sumanbai as she mentions of another factor which has ensured isolation for Malini voters. It is this isolation which helped political and government functionaries to deprive the villages of basic amenities and cheat voters on their wages for work done under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) and on the Indiramma house bills.

“We have not been paid wages since the summer of last year, including the three weeks of work recorded in March this year. We have stopped reporting for work after realising that there will be no payment,” said a resenting Surpam Bojji Rao of Pedda Malini as he talks of the exploitation.

“We have not been given bills for the Indiramma houses which were completed last year,” complained Sumanbai, pointing towards the semi permanent houses in her village Chinna Malini. “Whenever we ask for money, we are told that funds have not been released,” she says.

Surpam Sundaribai, who was the first voter before revision of the electoral roll, complains of drinking water problem, thanks to the damaged hand pump not being repaired. “The money meant for repairs has also been eaten away,” she alleged.

The voters demand the unfinished road connecting them to Wankidi mandal headquarter be completed immediately. "At least the 108 ambulance can reach us in emergencies from Wankidi side,” Surpam Rajeshwar Rao gives the reason.