The new capital city being planned for residuary Andhra Pradesh State, which is being entirely financed by the Union government, should be planned and built with all features - infrastructural, legal and the rest of it. This is necessary to make it a truly global city with a special status such as UT or specially administered area with autonomy, said T. Vivek of the Telangana History Society.

In an open letter to the Sivaramakrishnan Committee, constituted on the new capital of the residuary State, Mr. Vivek urged for recommendations on the deployment of latest technology to build the new capital so that it is ready to function as a special city. In his letter, he observed that a new capital city built on these lines would serve as a forerunner to the grand idea of network of global cities. Recalling a seminar previously organised by Mr. Sivaramakrishnan on the theme of making State capitals cities of special status, Mr. Vivek urged for a policy recommendation in favour of making the new capital city a city of special status with a kind of autonomy that was envisaged in the case of Hyderabad.