A majority yet to get the benefit

The district administration is making additional arrangements to enable all the LPG domestic gas connection holders in Nellore district to get Aadhaar registration and bank linkage by the end of this December.

Efforts are being made to bring all families under the Aadhaar linkage programme so as to pass on the subsidy benefits to them through their respective bank accounts.

There are nearly 5.35 lakh LPG domestic gas connection holders all over the district.

Insufficient Aadhaar centres

Nearly 54 per cent connection holders are yet to be covered under the Aadhaar-bank linkage. This is attributed to the lack of sufficient of Aadhaar centres to enrol families. As a result, authorities have planned to open additional centres.

For the 46 per cent connection holders, who have got Aadhaar registration, the petroleum companies are passing on the subsidy benefits through the banks. This has begun from October itself, even as the respective families are expressing concern over some teething troubles in this process.

The total number of connections covered under Aadhaar-bank linkage is nearly 2.36 lakh. There are complaints that the State component of Rs. 50 is not being repaid to them under the linkage programme.

Three companies supplying gas

The domestic gas supply is being given by three major companies -- Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and the Indian Oil Corporation.

Nearly 43 dealers are extending these services in different parts of the district.

Of the total 5.34 lakh connections, some 2.32 lakh holders have single cylinders and 1.84 lakh have double cylinders. About 1.26 lakh are covered under the government scheme ‘Deepam’ which is aimed at helping poor families.