TDP chief for bringing agitating groups from the two regions to the negotiating table and addressing their concerns

Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu has emphasised that the need of the hour is to defeat the Congress “for plunging the nation into crisis”, but did not give a categorical reply to the questions on extending support to the BJP-led NDA.

Responding to a question at a media conference, Mr. Naidu said he would prefer not to talk about politics when the nation and the State were passing through the worst- ever crisis and the priority should be to find out ways of coming out of it. “Supporting NDA may be your wish. I am not getting into that political debate now,” he told a journalist with a smile. In the same vein, he made no bones of his party’s agenda to see the end of Congress.

“Whether it is crisis in Delhi or here, it is all because of Congress. It is villain number one and it has to go.” The TDP president said he would lead a delegation to Delhi on September 20 and 21, to meet the President, the Prime Minister, leaders of other parties and explain to them the sufferings of the people of the State. He would also resume his ‘atma gaurava’ bus yatra after his return, in Nellore and Prakasam districts.

Asked for his suggestion to resolve the present crisis in the State, he wanted the Centre and the State governments to bring joint action committees and other agitating groups from the two regions to a negotiating table and address their concerns. “If they cannot do this, let them quit and hold elections. We will win and show how the problem can be solved in six months.”

Mr. Naidu said the Congress bungled the entire issue as it looked at it from political angle and nothing else by coming to an understanding with TRS and YSRC as revealed by AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh.

“They want to come together and weaken the TDP. It will never happen as we are going to win hands down in the next elections.”