Former Vice-Chancellor of Kakatiya University Vidyavati on Friday called for greater research and development in plant sciences, as they held the key to food security in the world.

She said that as the population was increasing and cultivable land reducing, it was important to work for the creation of high-yielding varieties (HYVs). Prof. Vidyavati was participating as the chief guest at the valedictory of the two-day national seminar on “Modern Trends in Plant Sciences,” organised by the Department of Botany at Telangana University campus, here. She stated that women played an important role in the development of plant sciences and “as there was an overwhelming number of women in the departments of botany and other plant sciences, men may soon demand reservation.”

Scientist A. Sadanandam of the Bio-technology Department, KU, said that cultivation of the medicinal plants should be taken up on a priority basis.

“It is time that we should pass on rich cultural and scientific heritage to the future generations by protecting and promoting cultivation of medicinal plants,” he added.

He said cultivation of medicinal plants offered a great potential for foreign exchange earnings. Head of the Botany Department M. Dharmender Rao presided over the seminar. Botanists Srinath Rao of Gulbarga University and Rama Swamy, Head of Bio-technology Department, Kakatiya University spoke on their research on plants sciences through power point presentations.

Earlier, Prof. Vidyavati too gave an elaborate presentation on the “Role of Women in Algal Bio-technology.” Registrar K. Shiva Shankar, principal S. Limba Goud and others were present.