Actor-politician K. Chiranjeevi had a narrow escape when electric wires almost fell on his open top vehicle, during the campaign for municipal elections in this Andhra Pradesh capital.

Standing on the vehicle, the Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) chief was waving to the crowds in Gautham Nagar, when high tension wires dangling overhead almost fell down.

As Chiranjeevi’s security personnel were trying to lift the wires with the help of a bamboo to make way for his vehicle, there was a spark and a shaken Chiranjeevi ducked just in time to avoid the sparks and saved himself from being electrocuted.

Visibly shaken by the incident, Chiranjeevi spent a few moments in the same position and later regained his composure and started waving to the public.

The PRP president was campaigning for his party’s candidate for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Elections (GHMC) elections scheduled for Nov 23.

While 54-year-old Chiranjeevi had a narrow escape, his party candidate in another area of the city was not so lucky. While campaigning in Uppal division, Balamani Reddy, 52, suffered minor burn injuries when she came in contact with a live wire. She was admitted to a hospital.