Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu has decided to lead a party delegation to the President and the Prime Minister in New Delhi and impress upon them the need to address people’s concerns over bifurcation of the State.

Though the dates have not yet been finalised, Mr. Naidu is planning to make it a big issue in Delhi over the way the people of the State have been made to fend for themselves for over a month now. There was no Government worth the name in the State with the Chief Minister, the Ministers and the Congress party leaders fighting among themselves while the people have hit the streets to highlight their concerns.

Thanks to Congress’ sudden decision, there was animosity, not just among Government employees but all sections of people.

Mr. Naidu is planning to take a fairly big delegation comprising of prominent leaders, MPs and MLAs both from Seemandhra and Telangana.

He is planning to impress upon the President and the Prime Minister the need to intervene immediately and see that some order was restored in the State before the situation worsens.

The TDP president is stated to have expressed his concern over the deteriorating situation in the State to the party leaders whom he met at his residence to take stock of the situation on Thursday.

As Congress appeared least bothered about the uncertain situation for which it was solely responsible, it was the bounden duty of the main Opposition to rise to the occasion and come to the rescue of the people, he told the leaders.

He is stated to have brushed aside criticism in some quarters against his ‘atma gaurava yatra,” saying political party leaders should always be among people. There was nothing wrong in going to people and explain the party’s standwhile exposing the ruling party’s failure in taking people into confidence before a major decision affecting them was taken.