Telugu Desam party president, N. Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday said during his coming “atma gaurava yatra” on a bus, he would expose the Congress-TRS- YSRCP nexus in creating animosity among Telugu people with the sole intention of gaining politically in elections.

Addressing a press conference, Mr. Naidu said it was Congress which has plunged the State into crisis by taking a decision without taking all sections of people into confidence and addressing their concerns. The decision was politically motivated and not for respecting the sentiments of the people of a region, as the AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh himself made it clear on July 30 when Congress Working Committee adopted the resolution.

He said Mr. Singh spoke of merger of TRS with his party while recalling how a process that has begun way back in 1999 when Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy as Leader of the Opposition sent a delegation of party MLAs to AICC requesting a resolution on Telangana was brought to logical end. “We will expose this prior understanding before the people”, Mr. Naidu observed.

It was strange that the YSRCP was approaching Prime Minister and the President with memoranda now after writing a letter to the Centre on December 28, 2012, arguing how it had the power to divide the State under Article 3 of the Constitution and that the State or political parties had no say in it, he said. “Forgetting all that now YSRCP is blaming us”, he added. He was confident of people understanding his party’s stand on the issue.

Mr. Naidu said he would contrast the nine- year TDP rule with that of Congress tenure during the last nine years. When TDP was in power there was not even a single instance of employees going on strike or fighting with each other or people hitting the streets. He had ensured that there was no section was unhappy and focussed on development of all backward regions besides pitch forking Hyderabad to prominent international destination.

The TDP president attributed the fall of rupee to lowest level ever to the weak, inefficient leadership of the Congress, policy paralysis and corruption. The Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, though an economist, did not do anything though there were early signals. Mr. Singh was helpless as the remote control was with AICC president, Sonia Gandhi who had no experience in administration or managing economy.