TDP chief gives them a piece of his mind for laidback attitude

Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu is stated to have expressed displeasure at the party MLAs’ laidback attitude in the Assembly.

At a meeting with the legislators immediately after the House was adjourned for the day, Mr. Naidu pulled them up for not participating actively in the proceedings and not countering Ministers’ attack on the main Opposition. The legislators remained helpless even as Ministers misused the opportunity given by the Speaker.

Apparently, Mr. Naidu was peeved at the way Finance Minister Anam Ramnarayan Reddy accused the Opposition of saying one thing in the Business Advisory Committee meeting and doing quite another in the House and compared its attitude to an animal that does not change its ways.

He told the party legislators that they did nothing when the government was bent on running and adjourning the House as it wished. They remained silent even as the Speaker kept adjourning the House repeatedly.

Sources said Mr. Naidu was also upset that many legislators preferred to be in lobbies rather than inside the House. “How could you hope to be in politics if you cannot sit for three hours continuously in the Assembly?” he is stated to have asked them.

The MLAs were surprised as their leader’s anger came on a day when they staged a sit-in in the Speaker’s chambers demanding expunction of Mr. Ramnarayan Reddy’s remarks. They said the Speaker assured them that the comments would be removed after going through the records.

Earlier, Mr. Naidu led a ‘dharna’ at Gun Park, outside the Assembly to highlight the problems faced by the farmers.