Congress leaders walk out while youth raise slogans against the TDP chief

Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu faced some embarrassing moments at a public meeting of the Backward Classes here when Congress leaders V. Hanumantha Rao, Ponnala Laxmaiah and M. Anjan Kumar Yadav walked out soon after his arrival on the dais while youth holding placards in support of separate Telangana shouted “go back” slogans at him.

Two youths created a stir by standing up and shouting slogans. The police managed to fend them off as they did a number of others who rushed to the barricades to do the same when Mr. Naidu’s convoy was leaving the Nizam College grounds, after giving his speech.

Rajya Sabha member Rapolu Anand Bhaskar, who spoke ahead of Mr. Naidu, said he was not trying to justify his presence after his colleagues left and recalled that he was a victim of the latter when the appointments of Information Commissioners took place. Mr. Naidu set up obstacles to his appointment on the ground that he was a political activist but it turned out to be a blessing as he became an MP. Soon, Mr. Bhaskar shook hands and had a word with Mr. Naidu before he left.

A section of the crowd lifted chairs in the air and raised hands in expression of disapproval when Mr. Naidu rose to speak. Intervening at this stage, BC welfare association president R. Krishnaiah said the proceedings were sought to be marred by “feudal” parties with the aid of hired persons. Mr. Naidu himself said in his turn that it was not a political meeting but something concerning BCs.

The TDP president said he was not there to talk politics but explain what the party did and proposed to do for BCs. He promised to include 33 per cent political reservation to BCs in the election manifesto of the TDP and asked other parties to follow suit. Without uttering ‘Jai Telugu Desam’, he wound up his speech with “Jai Hind”, “Jai Janmabhoomi” and “Jai BC, Jai-Jai BC”.

Former AP Congress Committee president D. Srinivas, however, did not make any reference to Mr. Naidu as he narrated the commitment of Congress to the upliftment of BCs. BJP vice-president B. Dattatreya said a BC leader in Narendra Modi was tipped to be the next Prime Minister. TRS leaders led by Eatala Rajender, K. Keshava Rao and four MLAs arrived after Mr. Naidu left.


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