Suffering from a rare muscular disorder for over a decade now, two disabled brothers in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh have pleaded to the government to grant them mercy killing.

Konda Jagannatham (30) and Konda Manohar (28), sons of Konda Durgaiah, a weaver in Ramakkapet village in Dubbaka mandal, about 120 km from Hyderabad, have been suffering from muscular dystrophy for the past 15 years.

The genetic disorder has crippled the two brothers by killing their muscle cells and tissues.

Jagannatham was in 10th standard when he suddenly collapsed while returning home from school. He could never stand again.

Durgaiah consulted a number of doctors, including some in Hyderabad and Mumbai’s JJ Hospital, but no progress could be made.

To add to his woes, his second son Manohar also became a victim of the same disabling disease a year later.

The Konda family was told that the brothers’ disorder was permanent and they would never be able to lead normal lives.

Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disorder in which the patient’s muscles become weak and lose their elasticity, causing disability. The genetic disease occurs in consanguineous marriages, according to doctors.

In the case of the Konda family, marriages for the past three generations have been consanguineous.

Due to the disease, both brothers - Jagannatham and Manohar - cannot stand and are dependent on their parents and sister to carry out their chores.

The Konda’s entire family property has been sold to meet expenses for their sons’ medical treatment.

The brothers feel helpless at being completely dependent on their parents, and feel that only death can put an end to the tyranny of their fate.

“We are dependent on our parents and sister for everything. We get financial assistance of Rs. 500 each given by the State government to disabled persons, but the cost of our medicines and treatment come at Rs. 1,000 each,” Jagannatham said.

“At this age, we should be taking care of our parents. But we are dependent on them. Our sister should get married. But, our parents are not in a position to perform the marriage of our sister because of us. We feel the only way out for us is to end our lives. We request the government to allow us for mercy killing,” said the younger brother, Manohar.

The brothers, who consider their own lives as “waste”, want to help others before they die by donating their healthy organs to those in need.