‘Coal production should be stepped up to 2 lakh tonnes per day from September’

Emphasising the need for optimum utilisation of the existing technology to step up coal production, Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) Chairman and Managing Director Sutirtha Bhattacharya said the company will purchase 53 new dozers to augment the coal production.

Maximising the utilisation of the available coal mining equipment and harnessing the full potential of the modern technologies are imperative to overcome the deficit in production and meet the burgeoning demand for coal, he noted. Production should be stepped up in the range of 1.80 lakh to 2 lakh tonnes per day from September to achieve the annual coal production target of 54.3 million tonnes, he stressed.

Impressive gathering

Mr. Bhattacharya was addressing an impressive gathering of SCCL employees and others at the Independence Day function held in Kothagudem on Thursday.

The production has come down in the present year due to various factors such as underutilisation of Heavy Earth Moving Machinery and torrential rains.

The company could achieve 82 per cent of its stipulated production target in the last four months, he said, pointing out that the Side Discharge Loaders (SDLs) were able to produce only 102 tonnes of coal per day as against its full capacity of over 150 tonnes per day. As a result, the cost of production has increased from Rs.2,500 in 2010-11 to Rs.3,360 this year.

The company has laid its focus on production of coal in strict compliance with environmental regulations to keep pace with the enormous demand for coal, particularly in power generation sphere. Priority has been laid on Long wall and Continuous Miner Technologies to realise the set goals.

Works on the proposed 2x600 MW thermal power project at Srirampur in Adilabad district are under way at a fast pace, he said adding that plans are afoot to operationalise the project by 2015.

Coal transport

A proposal is under consideration to hand over part of coal transport and local civil works to the tribal societies in Yellendu area.