A.P. Reorganisation Act wants EC to determine delimitation of constituencies

The A.P. Reorganisation Act, 2014 that received the assent of President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday and published in the Gazette of India has said that the number of seats in the Legislative Assembly of the successor States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana be increased from 175 to 225 and 119 to 153 in tune with the provisions of Article 170 of the Constitution.

The gazette notification said the Election Commission should determine the delimitation of the constituencies subject to provisions contained in the Article 170 and without prejudice to section 15 of the Act. It was pointed out that the number of seats to be reserved for SC and STs in the Assemblies of A.P. and Telangana would be looked into by the Election Commission.

On and from the appointed day, the delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly constituencies Order 2008 shall stand amended in tune with the second schedule of this Act. However, the EC could conduct the elections to the House of People and the Legislative Assemblies of the successor States as per the allocation of seats specified in the delimitation order.

On the appointed day, the number of seats in the Legislative Assemblies of the States of A.P. and Telangana shall be 175 and 119 respectively. There would be 25 seats to the successor State of A.P. and 17 in Telangana in the House of the People.

Governor of the State may nominate one member each to the Legislative Assemblies of the successor States to give representation to the Anglo-India community.