The women Ministers from Telangana requested the media to observe restraint in publishing content that was aimed at insulting and hurting the feelings of a section of people.

Ministers J. Geeta Reddy, Sunita Lakshma Reddy and D.K. Aruna took strong objection to a banner put up portraying AICC president Sonia Gandhi in a highly objectionable manner. “Such pictures are aimed at insulting women and the traditions followed here,” Dr. Geeta Reddy said.

‘Handiwork of YSRC leaders’

The Ministers said they would lodge a complaint with the police against those who were behind the banner hoisted in Chittoor. A representation would be made to the Press Council of India asking it to restrain media houses from displaying such content.

Mr. Aruna alleged that the banner appeared to be the handiwork of YSR Congress leaders and the conspicuous absence of its leaders on the banner exposed this. “They are resorting to such campaign as they are unable to take on the Congress politically,” she said.

‘Too premature’

Replying to queries, Dr. Geeta Reddy termed as “too premature’’ the discussion in some sections about the possible Chief Ministerial candidate once the Telangana State comes into existence. The focus of the Congress was on carving out separate Telangana State and the leadership was working out various aspects involved in the vexatious demand.

“Let Telangana State come into existence first. The party high command will then decide about who should lead the government,” she said asserting that women were second to none in discharging any kind of responsibility that was entrusted to them.