Maoists will stand by the people of Andhra Pradesh and build up ‘public pressure’ as long as the process for a separate state of Telangana is not initiated, its top leader Kishenji today said.

“We will build public pressure on the government so that they start the process for a separate Telangana state. The people will not allow creating deliberate disturbance to stop statehood for Telangana,” The Maoist leader said.

He claimed that ‘public pressure’ had similarly paid off in case of anti-Maoist ‘Operation Green Hunt’. “Union Home Minister P Chidambaram had to tone down ’Operation Green Hunt’ under tremendous public pressure,” he said.

Mr. Kishenji said that the problem of the people of Telangana would be solved through a ‘new democratic revolution’. Maoists, he said, wanted the people of Telangana to have their constitutional rights and protection of their religion, culture and social customs.

On the demand for a separate state of Gorkhaland in north Bengal, Kishenji said the GJM, spearheading a movement for such a state, “should not trust national leaders” and continue the movement.

“The Gorkha leaders withdrew the bandh trusting Chidambaram and L K Advani. There is no reason to trust these leaders. They (Gorkha leaders) should carry on with their own political program until they succeed.”