They hand out the ‘punishment’ after a village committee of the Maoists conducts a ‘praja court’

Maoists had beaten up two former members of the party’s militia near Balapam village on Tuesday, reports reaching here on Wednesday said.

The incident followed looting of the house of former MPTC Dora Chittibabu in the same village.

Batchala Chiranjeevi and Chittibabu (not the former MPTC) were among the 25 former militia members and others who had surrendered to the police some time ago.

A group of Maoists took away the two, along with two other villagers, from Balapam to a nearby forest area after a village panchayat committee of the Maoists conducted a ‘praja court’, and thrashed them. The other two persons were left unharmed.

The Maoists had warned the two and other surrendered villagers not to move out of the village and never associate themselves with the police. During the raid on the house of the former MPTC 10 days ago, the Maoists took away six bags of turmeric, Rs.10,000 cash, and a television set. They distributed the clothes left in the house. The Maoists reportedly branded the MPTC a landlord and looted his house.

Mr. Chittibabu is living at Narsipatnam with his family.

Reacting to the incidents, Superintendent of Police G. Srinivas said the desperation of the Maoists was exhibited, as they were trying to terrorise people to be with them after they had lost their support.

“Terrorising people will not bring a revolution. Instead, it will only tarnish their image. People are not inclined towards the revolution,” Mr. Srinivas said.

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