Promises full medical assistance and rehabilitation of the injured

Moved by the plight of the twin bomb blast victims, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh offered full medical assistance and rehabilitation to them.

After visiting the blast sites, he first went to Yashoda Hospital at Malakpet and interacted with those undergoing treatment.

Hear-rending tale

Dr. Singh’s assurances instilled confidence in 24-year-old V. Rajitha, an MBA student whose right leg was amputated below the knee after it was completely smashed in the blast and the damaged part was merely hanging to the skin when she was brought to the hospital on Thursday. Recalling her trauma soon after the blast, her brother, V. Raju, said that she lost all hope of surviving and was virtually pulled out from jaws of death.

Promises job

According to hospital sources, Ms. Rajitha broke down while explaining her plight to the Prime Minister. She told Dr. Singh that she hailed from a poor family and wanted to stand on her legs by taking up a job after completing MBA in the next three months.

Moved by her predicament, the Prime Minister had assured her that the government would take care of her future by providing all medical assistance and help in finding a job.

The experience of Mohan Reddy, a final-year B.Tech student from Nalgonda district, was equally pathetic as he suffered damage in one eye, fracture in the right leg and serious injury in the thigh.

He was downcast and dejected after spending three days on the hospital bed. He, however, regained all his hopes on future after the Prime Minister and Chief Minister assured medical assistance and “necessary help in future endeavours like job”.

The Prime Minister sought to know the details of the incident from the patients in the acute medical care ward. They were also asked about the treatment. Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy translated into English the views expressed by the patients.

Senior general surgeon T. Surender Reddy, who was among the doctors’ team during the Prime Minister’s visit, told The Hindu that they were asked about the condition in which the blast injured were brought and their status now. The Prime Minister was shown x-rays of some patients with shrapnel and other foreign objects pierced into their bodies in the blast and the ones taken after their removal.

At Omni Hospital, he told the injured that the State government would bear all the costs incurred in the treatment.

He also assured that the victims would get specialist treatment in the eventuality of any further medical complications.

K. Anjaiah, father of K. Parameshwar, 19, said his son sustained multiple injuries during the second bomb blast near Konark theatre.

“The Prime Minister wished my son and others undergoing treatment a speedy recovery and instructed the hospital staff to extend all possible cooperation. He assured that we do not have to pay a single rupee while getting discharged,” Mr. Anjaiah, a resident of a village in Karimnagar district said.

Omni Hospital Medical Director M. Goutam Reddy was also present during the visit.