A five-year-old girl was rescued from confinement and sexual assault at Nagamangalam village on the outskirts of Palamaner, 40 km from Chittoor, on Wednesday night.

According to information, a woman from Vellore in Tamil Nadu, along with her five-year-old daughter, came to Nagamangalam to eke out livelihood about ten days ago.

A middle-aged man of the area, Mubarak, provided her a loan of Rs. 5,000 on the condition that she should clear it in a couple of days.

As part of this arrangement, he also took away the girl a week ago. However, on Wednesday around 9.45 p.m., the villagers found the woman and Mubarak having a bitter fight and the man beating her violently. The woman revealed to the villagers that her daughter was taken away by Mubarak as she failed to clear the loan.


On searching, the child was found in a room in the man’s house with bruises and burnt with cigarette butts. Her private parts were bleeding and she also suffered a fracture in one of the legs. She was rushed to the area hospital and her condition is stated to be serious. The police are investigating the matter.


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