Disrupting proceedings will not convey people’s concerns, says Legislative Council Chairman

Piqued by the disruption of the proceedings, Legislative Council Chairman A. Chakrapani advised the members to be wary of Indian voters who would judge their performance.

Dr. Chakrapani, a veteran with rich legislative experience, reiterated in the House on Thursday that the President, in his communication, wanted every member to give his or her views on the Bill, clause by clause.

The views would be recorded and sent to the President as per his directive.

By participating in the discussion, the Seemandhra members could reflect people’s concerns and explain why they were for the united State.

“People are supreme in Parliamentary democracy. The Indian voters are wise and clever. They will give judgement according to our performance,” Mr. Chakrapani reminded the members. “Traditions and conventions are great and weigh more than the written text of the law,” he said.

Quoting Daniel Webster, famous English writer and philosopher, he said, “Nothing will ruin the country if people themselves will undertake its safety and nothing can be saved if they leave that safety in the hands of their representatives. They will fatten themselves up and impoverish the nation”.