People in the twin cities were caught unawares by the sudden drop in night time temperature with normal temperature dipping by five degrees on Sunday, the lowest recorded in October in the last decade.

The minimum temperature recorded on Sunday was 13.6 degrees Celsius, the lowest in October in the last ten years, Meteorology Department Director M. Satyakumar informed. “Usually in October with clear skies, the temperature in the city drops. And this time the north western winds have added to a further drop,” he said adding that the temperature has dropped by a few degrees in North India.

The chilly temperature had Hyderabadis pulling out their jackets and sweaters much in advance. “Usually, we don’t take out the thick blankets and sweaters till late November. However, this time we bought them out much in advance,” says Krishna. S, an MBA student. Office-goers too had to bring out their jackets to beat the cold. “I need the jacket while driving back in the night. The day is quite warm otherwise,” says Mohan. K, a software engineer.

"I didn’t feel the need to take out the jacket last week because it felt quite hot after 9 a.m. However, I was surprised when I felt the chilly winds when I stepped out of home yesterday," says T.Sandhya, a student. The day time temperature is expected to hover around 32 degrees Celsius for the next two days while the minimum temperature is going to be around 14 degree Celsius, officials informed.