Chanting of Govinda Namam marks the occasion

Tens of thousands of devotees took part in the procession of the auspicious ‘Kalpa Vriksha’ vahanam organised on Friday on the fourth day of the ongoing annual Brahmotsavams of Lord Venkateswara.

The processional deity of Lord Malayappa Swamy flanked on either side by his two divine consorts mounted atop the golden Kalpavriksha (celestial tree that bestows with boons on the devotees) was taken around the Mada streets of the temple town amidst thunderous chanting of Govinda Namam by the congregated devotees.

The celestial powers like the divine ‘Kamadhenu’ and ‘Chintamani’ also formed part of assemblage atop the vahanam. The deity was also bedecked with very rare and precious jewels befitting the occasion. It is widely believed that worshipping the Lord on this particular day enables the devotees fulfil all their wishes.

Later in the evening, as is customary the sacred garlands from the temple of Goddess Andal from Sri Villiputtur, in Tamil Nadu reached Tirumala.

The temple authorities accorded a ceremonious reception and received the garlands which were taken around the temple complex in a grand procession along with temple honours and then into the sanctum sanctorum. The garlands will be adorned to the deity on Saturday on the eve of the auspicious ‘Garuda seva’.

This was followed by Unjal Seva wherein the deities were put on a swing and rocked gently much to the amusement of the congregated devotees.

The day came into an end with the colourful procession of ‘Sarva Bhoopala’ vahanam witnessed by thousands of devotees.

Meanwhile, the temple town registered a steep ‘surge’ in the turnout of the pilgrim crowd since morning. Majority of the devotees preferred reaching the place on foot, trekking the 10-km. tedious footpath along the hilly terrains which is regarded as the harbinger for the forth coming crowd on Saturday for Garuda Seva.

With the first Peratasi Saturday to which the people of Tamil Nadu attach more importance, also coinciding with the Garuda Seva, the authorities are expecting an unprecedented turnout in the crowd.

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