A bulky consignment of reports along with the views expressed by legislators in the Assembly and the Council, both orally and in writing, on the A.P State Reorganisation Bill, 2013 will be sent to the Union Home Ministry on Monday.

The President in his communication to the State Government while referring the draft Bill had clearly stated that the views of the House and the individual opinions of the legislators on different clauses be forwarded in three days after the session ended.

The session ended on January 30 but since Sunday was a holiday the legislators’ views, running into several hundreds of pages and being translated into English, would be sent on Monday.

In the first communication, the President set January 23 as deadline for completion of the discussion and January 26 for forwarding the legislators’ views.

Subsequently the session was extended by one more week till January 30 following the Chief Minister’s request for additional time. The overall summary and the supporting documents weighing 500 kg of paper would be sent in a special flight.


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