Most of the “lawyers” who indulged in vandalism inside the Andhra Pradesh High Court this week were in fact not regular practitioners there, police investigation has revealed.

“From the preliminary evidence we gathered so far, the violent mob contained some lawyers from other courts in the city, as well as parts of Telangana, while there is also a possible involvement of some anti-social elements in the guise of advocates,” a top police official said today.

According to a suo motu case taken up by the HC, on Tuesday, a group of advocates in their robes forcibly entered court hall-6 raising “Jai Telangana” slogans and disrupted the proceedings and threatened the Judges to raise and retire.

“The advocates did not pay heed to the advice of the Bench to maintain decorum. They switched the lights off and threw cause lists on the Bench even while the judges were holding the court. They broke the glasses of the almirahs and damaged chairs and mikes.

The advocates entered into the court hall with a motive to create panic and see that the court did not function at any cost. Similar incidents occurred in two other court halls the same day,” the HC noted in the case, which it treated as a writ petition.

Observing that such incidents posed a “threat to the majesty of law”, the court cautioned they may also lead to constitutional breakdown in the State.