A clerk working in the office of Grey Hounds — the anti-naxalite police force — was beaten up before the Banjara Hills police station allegedly by the driver of Minister for Labour Danam Nagender in his presence on Thursday.

Police were enquiring with the clerk Sambasiva Rao and two followers of the Minister, Balu and Narsimha, about a complaint they had made against one another , when the Minister reached the station around 4 p.m. and a police officer apprised him of the matter being investigated.

At the Minister’s instance, Sambasiva Rao, Balu and Narsimha were summoned out. As soon as Rao came there, the Minister’s car driver rushed out and roughed up Rao even as the police SI and others watched helplessly.

Shocked over the assault in front of the Minister and the men in uniform, a frightened Sambasiva Rao ran into the station fearing for his life, while the Minister and his driver drove away. Interestingly, the police didn’t register case till 8 p.m. though Rao lodged complaint soon after he was attacked.

“Balu and Narsimha were alleged to have quarrelled with Rao at Sagar Society road over traffic congestion,” the Banjara Hills Inspector P. Murali Krishna said. The Grey Hounds office clerk was driving his Maruti Omni on Sagar Society road when he stopped his vehicle on an incline. While trying to move ahead, the vehicle slid backwards and hit an Innova which was behind. This led to an argument between the Innova driver and Sambasiva Rao. As vehicles piled up, Balu and Narsimha, who were passing by reprimanded Rao to stop the argument and move away.

Rao accused the duo of abusing and assaulting him when he raised objection over their foul language. On learning about this, a police patrol went there and brought the three of them to the station for questioning.