Nearly 2.96 lakh ryots were paid Rs. 238 crore as input subsidy

Collector C. Sudarsan Reddy has said the district far exceeded the lending targets on agriculture front in Kurnool district this year.

Addressing the Republic Day parade here on Sunday, he said as against a target of Rs.1,713 crore, the district achieved Rs.1,735 crore in khariff. During the current rabi season so far, Rs.559 crore was disbursed as against a target of Rs 690 crore.

The Collector said crops on 2.74 crore lakh hectare were damaged due to rains and floods. Nearly 2.96 lakh farmers were paid an amount of Rs. 238 crore as input subsidy.

During the third round of Rachabanda, food coupons for 85,473 ration card holders, pensions to 28,685 people and houses for 98,379 were sanctioned. The minor irrigation rendered extremely well this year by creating irrigation facility for 3.22 lakh acres. Under the MGNREGS, 1.15 crore work days were created while 5.15 lakh wage seekers were benefited from the scheme.

He said all other schemes like Amruthahastam, land distribution scheme and other SC Corporation supported schemes were implemented successfully in the district.