TDP leader V. Rambhupal Choudary undertakes an indefinite fast in Kurnool.

TDP polit bureau member and MLA K.E. Krishna Murthy has executed a bond prepared by the Samaikyandhra activists that he would support the Unified Andhra Pradesh resolution in the Assembly.

Mr. Krishna Murthy signed the papers prepared by the members of the College Teachers’ JAC at his house on Tuesday. The JAC activists visited the MLA’s residence, demanding the latter’s commitment for the Samaikyandhra movement. Mr. Krishna Murthy said he had no objection to commit for saving the state from bifurcation.

The JAC leaders, who have planned to ensure a similar commitment from Pathikonda MLA K.E. Prabhakar, said that the Union Ministers who had refused to resign would face the public wrath. They said the problem got complicated because of the sober attitude of the MPs and Union Ministers.

A group of teachers and students led by JAC chairman Somasekhar, Indira Santhi, Showryl Reddy and others staged demonstrations at the Income Tax and Central Excise Offices, asking the employees to leave the premises. The protesters also enforced closure of several banks.

Meanwhile, TDP leader V. Rambhupal Choudary undertook an indefinite fast in support of his party president N. Chandrababu, Naidu who had undertaken a fast in New Delhi. The proposal of State bifurcation has thrown the Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra regions into instability, resulting in unprecedented economic loss and violence, he said. “The Congress is pressing for the division of the State for political gains. The ruling party would pay a heavy price for the blunder it had committed,” he said.