Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy ruled out introduction of a resolution in the Assembly for creation of Telangana State, to justify his Government’s silence on the sensitive issue.

Rebutting charges levelled by TRS member T. Harish Rao in the House on Saturday, he said such a resolution, if any, must be unanimous and it could not be taken up by his government as there was divergence of opinion among members. Further, Congress leadership was also “re-thinking” on the subject following “reaction” in other regions of the State over the demand by one party (TRS) based in one region.

Nonetheless, his government would not hesitate to introduce the resolution if the Congress leadership and the Centre took a decision for a separate State. He was expecting that some decision after the close of the present Parliament session. “Till then, we all have to wait”.

He clashed verbally with Mr. Rao over the latter’s assertion that Congress, indeed, had promised Telangana State as part of its electoral pact with TRS during 2004 elections, he said the relevant document signed at Delhi by A. Narendra , then TRS leader, provided only for constitution of second reorganisation of committee.

Mr. Reddy took Mr. Harish Rao to task, saying TRS could never claim it reflected the true will of Telangana people as it lost many seats in the region allotted to it as per the pact while Congress won a lot more. Taking exception to a remark made by G. Mallesh (CPI) that he would not continue in Chief Minister’s seat unless he resolved Telangana issue, Mr Reddy said he was in the chair at the instance of Congress party, its MLAs and above all, Sonia Gandhi, and not because of any one else’s mercy. He asserted that he would continue in the seat till 2014, win the general elections that year and remain in that position even beyond.