A nine-year-old runaway boy from Warangal, Mahankali Shiva Prasad, will be handed over to his parents Nagaraj and Lata by Adilabad One Town police early on Sunday after the fruit vendor couple arrives from their village, Chagallu, in that district.

Loitering on road

The boy, found loitering on the road in the town on Saturday morning, generated some anxiety as he ‘created’ a story of his kidnap two days ago. Noticing the boy moving aimlessly in the market, a shopkeeper in Gandhi Chowk informed the police.

The boy initially told the police that he had been drugged and kidnapped by unknown persons while he climbed down the terrace to drink water in the dead of Thursday night.

Changing versions

“The abductors boarded a train with me in the night and I got down here,” Shiva Prasad said.

His story lacked credibility as the versions kept changing whenever he repeated it for the benefit of media reporters.

One Town CI Ragya Naik got in touch with the relatives of the boy who in turn informed his parents. They are expected to reach here in the early hours of Sunday.


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