The municipal elections in Madanapalle has come to project a very tough competition between the Telugu Desam Party and YSR Congress, while the Congress party has no presence at all.

It is for the first time in the history of Madanapalle civic politics that the Congress stayed away from the fray, though it held the municipality reigns for eight consecutive terms.

The TDP in spite of having strong cadres in Madanapalle constituency in general and in town in particular, delayed the process of selection of candidates for councillors, which was taken advantage by the YSRC. The TDP which has no leadership in the constituency has become an added advantage to the rival party’s campaign. Till the withdrawal of nominations, the TDP suffered from rebels and infighting in cadres based on community lines. It was only at the last minute that the cadres have forged unity in campaign, announcing Kodavali Sivaprasad as the chairman candidate.

Coming to the YSRC, there are four aspirants for the chairman post. The party candidate for Rajampeta Lok Sabha seat, Peddireddi Mithun Reddy, took the responsibility of the party fortunes in this municipality.

Party’s Madanapalle coordinator Shamim Aslam too filed her nomination on assurance that she would be the chairman candidate.

Local MLC Desai Tippareddy, who is eyeing the MLA ticket, has set aside his differences with Shamim Aslam and jumped into the campaign.

Interestingly, the Independent candidates are likely to play a crucial role after the elections.

Former municipal chairmen B. Naresh Kumar Reddy and G. Mujib Hussain have fielded their candidates as Independents in eleven wards. Former MLA Shajahan Basha has also fielded 12 candidates as Independents.

This municipality with 35 wards has 1.05 lakh voters, including about 35,000 voters from the Muslim minorities and equal number of votes from the Backward Classes. The TDP could win the 16th ward unanimously, while election will be held for 34 wards.