BJP senior leader Ramagalla Parameswar appealed to people to be wary of TRS as it was going against the aspirations of Telangana people.

Taking strong objection to admittance of Konda Surekha into the party, Mr. Parameswar said the TRS party aspirant Acha Vidyasagar has been with the party since inception and lost all his property. “His family was disturbed as he was full time activist in TRS party. Now, he is being dumped to accommodate Konda Surekha who strongly worked against TRS,” he pointed out.

The TRS party which claimed to be a party of masses and movement has now turned out like any other political party. KCR is now looking for those who could be of help to him and his family. The Dalits who contributed immensely to the movement and TRS party were now being ignored.

“The Dalit Chief Minister promise is no more the agenda of the party. Those who staunchly differed with him once are now his friends. Those who were with the party for long time are now enemies,” Mr. Parameswar said.

In many districts, the doctors hailing from Dalit communities left everything behind strengthened the TRS party all these years. Now, they were left at the crossroads with influx of leaders from other parties.

The separate Telangana State is not the result of just TRS, but the sacrifices of scores of youth and contribution of BJP too. Hence, people should judiciously use their vote rather getting carried away by what KCR or others say, Mr. Parameswar said, adding that he too left the roaring practice as doctor for TRS, but was forced to leave it.