Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K. Chandrasekhar Rao has criticised Seemandhra leaders for conspiring against statehood to Telangana even when the process of bifurcation is in the final stages.

“Nobody can stop the formation of Telangana now. We (people of Telangana) are neither asking for their wealth nor an inch of their land. Our struggle is only for self-rule and self-respect as Seemandhra rulers have exhausted Telangana resources and ruined Telangana culture for nearly six decades,” Mr. Rao said here on Sunday.

Besides, it is not possible to live together with those who compare Osmania University students to members of the Taliban, he said.

Speaking after admitting Hanmanth Shinde, TDP legislator from Jukkal in Nizamabad district into TRS along with several TDP leaders from the constituency, Mr. Rao said Mr. Shinde had taken the right decision at the right time to join the Telangana movement and work for the reconstruction of the region after separation.

Stating that there was no need for Seemandhra parties in Telangana after division, the TRS chief asked other TDP MLAs in the region to emulate Mr. Shinde. TDP will be wiped out from Telangana after the formation of a new State, he maintained.

Several PACs presidents, sarpanches, former ZPTC members and MPPs from Jukkal constituency also joined TRS along with Mr. Shinde.