Kartika masam has a special significance in the lives of Hindus particularly, women folk. There would be month-long celebrations when they wear best of clothes and decorate the temples as well as their houses with ‘Pramidalu'.

They worship their ‘Ishtadyvam' on Friday, Saturday and Monday during the ‘Kartika masam'. On the last day of the month they go for ‘Vanabhojanam' with their friends and relatives to mark conclusion of the holy month.

Under the aegies of Jadcherla Arya Vyshya Sangham, all the Vyshyas of Jadcherla and Badepally towns celebrated the last day of Kartika masam with fanfare, at a orchard near Jadcherla village by organising Vanabhojanam.

Businessmen, employees, children and middle-aged men and women of the community joined the Vanabhojanam, where they sang classical and cinema songs and danced to tune of chart busters sung by the talented singers among the participants.

The children and youth played different games like running and kabaddi.

“It was a memorable experience to have a community lunch with near and dear,” said Surisetty Lalitha and Chithanoor Jyothi. Vanabhojanam under the shades of different fruit trees was really enjoyable, said Siva Rekha and Medisetty Manjula.

While at Beechupally temple complex, devotees who turned up in large numbers had sacred bath in the river Krishna. The women offered ‘Pramidalu' into the river.

In Mahabubnagar town ‘Shatha Sahasra' (one lakh) Pramidalu were performed in Ramalayam temple. They also organised mass Vishnu sahasra namam in the temple. The Pramidalu decorated in the shape of ‘Om, Shivalingam, Shankam' and others attracted the visitors.