Says party never took a concrete stand on ‘T’ issue; may join TRS

In a major blow to Telugu Desam Party (TDP), senior leader Kadiam Srihari resigned from the party and is likely to join the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) soon.

He is considered as a strong Dalit leader of Madiga sub-caste who was associated with the TDP since its inception. The party rewarded him suitably making him Minister for nine years and giving important portfolios of marketing, social welfare, school education and major irrigation.

At a press conference here on Saturday, Mr. Srihari said he was compelled to come out of TDP because the party failed to take a decisive stand on the ongoing separate Telangana movement. “I do not want to remain as a betrayer of Telangana.

“Srihari’s decision to resign is political opportunism”

The district leaders of the TDP lashed out at Kadiam Srihari who resigned from the party and levelled serious allegations against the party here on Saturday.

TDP leaders – MLAs Revuri Prakash Reddy, D. Sitakka and B. Satyavathi Rathod and MP Gundu Sudha Rani and MLC B. Venkateswarlu found fault with Kadiam Srihari and described his decision to resign as ‘political opportunism’.

“Srihari never allowed others to grow in the party. He was given utmost importance at the cost of the political careers of other leaders in the party. But, we all took it sportingly. Now he has ditched the party,” Mr. R. Pakash Reddy said.

The TDP leaders took strong objection to the remarks made by Srihari that now the party gave MP and MLC posts to people who accepted money. “Let Srihari say how much money a BC woman, Sudha Rani, gave or another BC leader B. Venkateswarlu gave. They are here and they will tell you,” Mr. Prakash Reddy pointed out.

It was wrong to leave the party after having enjoyed all the positions in the party when it was in the ruling. He should not make uncharitable remarks. The party never said it was against a separate Telangana. “If Mr. Srihari wants to joins the movement, let him and we will support him. But he left the TDP only to join TRS and become an MLA or MP. He is only hankering after position, he is not interested in a separate Telangana or the welfare of the people,” the TDP leaders lashed out.

The TDP will not wither away as it has strong cadres across the State. All the BCs, SC and STs are its strength. If a leader here or there quits, the party would not suffer any damage. Several senior leaders left the party in the past and came back again. Those who leave the party will only lose their identity but not the party, they argued.