“There is nothing wrong in changing party”

Kadiam Srihari who resigned from TDP four days ago has announced that he would be joining the TRS party shortly.

Speaking to newsmen here on Tuesday, he said he wanted to join the TRS and work towards achieving statehood to the Telangana region. He said he was convinced that only TRS can fulfil the aspirations of people of the region. Mr. Srihari is likely to go to Hyderabad on Wednesday with his supporters and join the party in the presence of TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Show of strength

According to his supporters, they were mobilising nearly 300 vehicles to transport his fans and show his strength. By this, he wanted to show both the TDP and TRS leaders that people of Station Ghanpur Assembly constituency were still with him.

Referring to the comments made by the TDP leaders, Kadiam Srihari said he never resorted to personal attack in his political career and if some do, he would leave it to their wisdom.

“There is nothing wrong in changing a political party. It does not amount to any controversy or political debauchery as being described by TDP leaders.

Mr. Chandrababu Naidu also came into TDP from the Congress,” Mr. Srihari pointed out.

Political leaders who ignore peoples’ sentiments and aspirations would not prosper. People would also ignore such leaders. That was what happened to many parties in the by-elections held in Telangana region in the recent years.

Meanwhile, the TRS leadership was of the view that party would get strengthened in Warangal district with the entry of Kadiam Srihari. He is expected to bring some order and shape to the party with his vast experience.

KCR is likely to give Kadiam Srihari top position in the party and may make him the politburo member too.