YSR Congress president Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has exhorted people of the three regions of the State to join forces in opposing the conspiracy to divide the State.

Mr. Jagan criticised the State and Central Governments for their ‘indifferent attitude’ on the agitation launched by more than 60 per cent of the people against the injustice they would suffer in the event of the division. “People can hope for a solution to their problems only in a bigger State and there is a need for honest efforts to counter the ongoing efforts to divide the State,” he said.

The YSRC president was addressing the lawyers of the Seemandhra region, actively participating in the united State movement, who called on him on Saturday. He expressed concern that the Centre was going ahead with its plans on bifurcation though a majority of the people were not in favour of division. Several crucial issues related to water, employment and revenue will remain unresolved if the State is divided, he said. While water is a major contentious issue, revenue is another important aspect as over 50 per cent of it currently comes from Hyderabad. The TDP and Congress appear lacking in sincerity in their demand for a united State while the YSRC, the CPI (M) and the MIM are firmly committed to an integrated State.