Neither YSR Congress president Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy and his wife Bharathi own vehicles though they have assets worth Rs. 416 crore in the affidavit filed by the former before the Returning Officer for election to Pulivendula Assembly constituency where he is the YSR Congress candidate.

The assets of Mr. Jagan alone were Rs. 344 crore and that of Ms. Bharathi Rs. 72 crore. His assets were to the tune of Rs. 445 crore when he won a by-election from Kadapa Lok Sabha constituency in 2011.

In his disclosure, Mr. Jagan mentioned that his investments in various companies were to a tune of Rs. 307.27 crore and that of Ms. Bharathi at 46.56 crore. He owned 667 grams of gold and diamonds worth Rs. 28.11 lakh. Similarly, Ms. Bharathi was in possession of 9.27 kgs of gold and diamonds worth Rs. 5.69 crore.

Mr. Jagan’s annual income for 2012-13 was Rs. 13.91 crore while it was Rs. 4.21 crore in the case of Ms. Bharathi. His cash on hand was Rs. 39,440 and Ms. Bharathi’s 45,529. He also furnished details of ten cases against him in a court of the Central Bureau of Investigation here.

On the other hand, Mr. Jagan’s mother Vijayamma who is contesting from Visakhapatnam Parliamentary constituency submitted the affidavit to the Returning Officer claiming moveable properties worth Rs. 1.74 lakh. She had shares worth Rs. 35.25 lakh and deposits Rs. 52.2 lakh. She also owned 39.5 acres of land at Idupulapaya in Kadapa district and 1,236 sq yd house. The TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu returned assets worth Rs. 45 lakh in Kuppam Assembly constituency. The affidavit filed by Mr. Naidu’s son Lokesh on behalf of his father said his assets were worth Rs. 6.35 lakh and that of his mother Rs. 134.32 crore.