The Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) will not encourage leaders who have worked against separate Telangana in the past but have set their eyes on tickets to contest elections on behalf of various parties amenable to the statehood issue.

The immediate names that the JAC identified with this category of leaders are Konda Surekha, P. Mahender Reddy and T. Jayaprakash Reddy. The JAC has also identified Telugu Desam and YSR Congress as parties that betrayed Telangana, committee chairman M. Kodandaram told a media conference while releasing the organisation’s agenda for inclusion in the manifestos of different parties.

He hoped that the parties would stick to the agenda but did not disclose the JAC’s role in the elections.

The seven-page document comprises 17 sections representing different areas of development that the people of Telangana aspired for.

The first and foremost demand was the construction of a memorial for martyrs of Telangana on the lines of India Gate in Delhi at Necklace Road or some other prominent place here.

The JAC also demanded immediate bifurcation of the High Court, replication of Karnataka model of Lokayukta in Telangana, sub-plan for backward classes and loans at low interest rates.

Against the claim of TRS to distribute three acres of land to SCs and STs, the JAC has sought five acres of wet land or ten acres of dry land to these sections.

The encroached government, assigned, bhoodan and Wakf land around Hyderabad should be resumed by government and distributed to eligible persons. All land allotments around Hyderabad after 1956 should be inquired into by a sitting High Court judge.

On the irrigation front, the JAC demanded not only Pranahita-Chevella but Palamuru lift irrigation scheme as national projects. The government should ensure 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and a parallel health university set up in Telangana.