Seek consumption loans for account holders; force the staff to leave

Leaders and members of the Joint Action Committee of Government Employees laid a siege to the ICICI Bank branch here on Monday asking the authorities to sanction consumption loans to account holders with the branch.

The group barged into the branch, locked the office from outside and forced the staff to leave the place.

The JAC leaders accused the bank authorities of dishonouring the request of employees for short-term loans as were being sanctioned by other banks.

Most of the account holders seeking loans were employees of A.P. State Road Transport Corporation. APNGOs district president Vengal Reddy, secretary Christopher, APRTC JAC leader Madhusudan Rao, and A.G. Reddy were among the delegation that held discussions with the Branch Manager Ramana Reddy.

Police help sought

The bank officials sought the help of the police, who also advised them not to rub the striking employees on the wrong side and follow the same norms adopted by other banks.

The bank officers told the leaders that they would take a decision after consulting the higher ups Chennai.

According to reports, a majority of bank officers agreed to sanctioning consumption loans to account holders using their discretionary powers.