The two-month marriage season for adivasis in Adilabad has begun with the puja of goddess Inderai at Indervelli mandal head quarter village on Ugadi and the next day. All tribal villages where in marriages are scheduled will sport a festive look until the end of May.

As per their tradition, the Gond adivasis offer prayers to Goddess Inderai before undertaking marriages. The Inderai temple at Indervelli is visited by Gond families from Adilabad, Gudihatnoor, Indervelli, Narnoor, Jainoor, Sirpur (U) and Utnoor mandals and also from some places in Maharashtra.

Tribal families from other places have temples of Inderai at different places where they go to offer prayers on Ugadi. Prayers are offered seeking the well being of the families which will unite through marriages in the season.

The process of wedding actually starts around Diwali festival every year during the Ghusadi dance festivals. All betrothals take place at that time while the marriage is performed only after the harvesting of rabi crops.

Every year an estimated 500 marriages take place across the district and tribal marriage parties can be spotted moving in long lines of bullock carts. The traditional mode of travel however, is being discontinued as more and more marriage parties opting to travel in lorries these days.