The road leading to the DTC office is in a bad shape

For commuters frequenting the newly-constructed office of Deputy Transport Commissioner at Swarna Bharathi Nagar to take the driving test at the test track, the test of their driving skill actually begins a few metres ahead of the track.

A ride on the narrow, bumpy, and badly punctured road leading to the office of the DTC is a test of one’s driving skills and tests the endurance of the vehicle wheels.

Commuters who experience pleasant driving on the 100 feet JKC College Road find themselves on a rickety ride as the road narrows leading to the Swarna Bharathi Nagar. The single lane road has been used sparingly in the past, but ever since the new office was constructed six months ago, people began frequenting the road to reach the DTC office. Commuters are forced to negotiate the dangerous stretches of road and the narrow road almost makes it impossible for two vehicles in opposite directions to pass by.

The Road Transport Authority says that proposals have been submitted to the Roads and Buildings Department to widen the road into a two lane with a carriage way of 10 metres on either side.

Wide road needed

“We are seeking a wide road to facilitate the movement of heavy vehicles to the office of the DTC. The office has facilities to test the driving skills and also to test the fitness of the school buses and contract carriers,” said Deputy Transport Commissioner C. Raghunatha Babu.

There was a delay in submitting proposals since part of the katcha road is within the limits of Guntur Municipal Corporation. The GMC had even assured that it would take up the widening of the road but later backed out.

The R&B finally gave its nod for the laying of the road. “We have submitted proposals for laying a two-lane road and we hope to take up the work as soon we get the clearance from the government,” said Executive Engineer, R & B Guntur, A. Satish.