Piler assembly constituency was certainly one of the most backward areas in the district, before the emergence of its MLA, Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy as the Chief Minister in 2010. In three years, the people of the region could see sprawling roads, boom of the real estate and establishment of educational institutions and Central institutions.

Despite strong criticism from the YSRC and TDP that Mr. Reddy confined development to his native Kalikiri mandal in the constituency, he scored high success in keeping both his rival parties at bay.

The TDP candidate against him in 2009 election Intihaz Ahmed became silent in politics after taking charge as the commissioner of RTI Act. Another TDP leader G.V. Srinatha Reddy turned Mr. Reddy’s close aide to become the TTD Trust board member, though he resigned recently after Mr Reddy’s quitting.

The YSRC failed to venture into various mandals in the constituency and raise its voice, and even faced rout in the local bodies’ elections. The political dynamics seem to have changed overnight in Piler after the launch of the Jai Samaikyandhra Party by Mr. Reddy. Before this, there was wide speculation that Mr. Reddy would score success if he would contest as an independent in Piler. Cross-sections of people admit that when Mr. Reddy was at loggerheads with the Congress high command, the entire constituency looked at him as the hero of the Samaikyandhra movement.

But, as president of the new party, reception to Mr. Reddy was otherwise. Most of the Congress cadres at their helm when Mr. Reddy was the Chief Minister gave him a cold shoulder. Only those who thrived financially during his regime are said to be doing the spade work for him. Against all odds, Mr. Reddy definitely wields a moderate sympathy wave among a good chunk of his constituency people, though the euphoria which he had generated prior to the emergence of the JSP is slowly disappearing.

Former minister and district’s YSRC force Peddireddi Ramachandra Reddy and his son Mithun Reddy, who remained inactive in Piler during the hay days of Mr. Reddy, are now out in the open to counter their longstanding political and family rival.

During the last one week, the YSRC stepped up its activities on an unprecedented scale, with the father-son duo doing whirlwind visits to the constituency.

Coming to the TDP, it is in a shambles, left to fend for itself by the mandal level cadres.