The process of valuation of Intermediate scripts has started two days ago and the results are expected to be released by April end.

The advanced supplementary exams will be held in June and the results would come out in July, the Board of Intermediate Secretary, G. Balaramaiah said.

The Intermediate exams of major subjects were completed on Thursday and there were very few takers for subjects like geology, geography and public administration.

Mr. Balaramaiah said the valuation of Sanskrit papers began two days ago while valuation of other papers would start from Saturday. Expressing satisfaction over the smooth conduct of the exams in trying conditions, Mr. Balaramaiah said the only aberration was the effort to leak the paper in a private college in Nellore. He said disaffiliation notice had been served on the college management giving them 15 days time for their reply.

Meanwhile, officials in Nellore said the local police got a hint from the media about the malpractice in the private college, and the police laid a trap to catch them red-handed.

It is said that there was already tremendous pressure on the police to let off the management and book the small fish. The college management is said to be very close to a senior Minister.