The leaders of National Students Union of India (NSUI) tried to storm the Intermediate examination centre at Narayana College in Haranathapuram here, alleging that the question papers of chemistry paper-II were leaked before the examination began at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

But the district officials dismissed the allegations as baseless saying that the student leaders were not providing valid proof of any discrepancy in conducting the examination. NSUI leader Mujeeb along with some students arrived at the college and argued that he received an SMS from Narayana College which contained two questions pertaining to Tuesday’s paper. He said that the management sent similar messages to its students.

When the officials insisted and asked for the mobile number from where Mujeeb received the SMS, he was unwilling to provide. “The two questions mentioned by the protesters partly matches with the actual question paper. But it cannot be a valid proof. If anybody provides the phone number from where the message was sent, we will identify the guilty and take action against them,” said Y. Parandhamaiah, Regional Inspection Officer, Board of Intermediate Education.

On knowing about the protests, the RIO along with M. Babu Jacob, member of the District Examination Committee (DEC) inspected the examination centre. They said they received a phone call from NSUI leader Mujeeb at 10.45 a.m. saying that the paper was leaked. But the examinations had already began at 9 a.m. Mujeeb wrote two questions in a piece of paper and wanted it to be taken as evidence.

As a large number of protesters gathered at the college, the police arrived in full force and arrested some of them to avoid any convenience to the students. The DEC members informed the Additional Joint Collector B. Rami Reddy about the incident and assured to take all precautionary measures.

The officials maintained that the present jumbling system would make it difficult for any college to leak papers. At the present examination centre, students of nearly 16 colleges were appearing for the examinations and there was no scope for any particular college to leak the paper only to its students.