Recall the supreme sacrifice of Potti Sriramulu

The activists of Samaikyandhra movement gathered in large numbers at the Sri Potti Sriramulu statue in the city in support of their demand for the continuation of Andhra Pradesh as an undivided and unified entity in the best interests of its people.

The Samaikyandhra JAC activists took an oath that they would make every effort to continue the legacy of Potti Sriramulu whose sacrifice led to the formation of a separate State for the Telugu-speaking people.

The Samaikyandhra leaders, who spoke on the occasion, asserted that the supreme sacrifice of Potti Sriramulu and others would live longer as a rich legacy only when the State continues to be a unified whole without being subjected to any division along narrow regional lines.

Nellore Urban MLA Mungamuru Sridhar Krishna Reddy, leaders of Samaikyandhra Students JAC and others spoke strongly in favour of the United Andhra Pradesh.

They asserted that they would continue with their agitational path by holding protest programmes till the Central Government made a clear statement expressing its commitment to Samaikyandhra.

Mr. Krishna Reddy found fault with the argument that the State should be divided since some regions were remaining backward.

He asserted that far greater development took place in many towns and cities of Telangana region while other parts of the State were lagging behind in many aspects.

The Samaikyandhra leaders made an appeal that the people of AP should remain united like brothers rather than choosing to split based on short-sighted and misguided aspirations.

They referred to many smaller states, to point out how they are facing a whole lot of problems because of lack of sufficient resources and exploitation.