Dharma Rao is a senior employee at Mahadev Profiles factory located at Pashamylaram phase I industrial area in Patancheru mandal of Medak district.

On Saturday, he opened the factory gate at 6 a.m. to allow workers in the premises to start their shift. By 6.30 a.m., the power went off, which was unscheduled, and it was restored only at 11 a.m.


Facing unscheduled power cuts has become a routine since the past few weeks. The factory managements in this area are in a dilemma as to how they should plan the next day's schedule owing to unprecedented power cuts.

The factory was able to reach its production target of only 30 per cent whereas 70 per cent has not been accomplished. "We have a scheduled target of Rs. 4 crore turnover for the month and an achievable figure would be Rs. 3 crore. But so far, we have been able to reach a target of Rs. 80 lakh. We do not know what to do," said Mr. Dharma Rao.

Company Executive Director G.M. Lokesh says that they are missing material delivery schedules which could have a direct impact on the revenue. "No one is ready to give us new orders, fearing the power crisis we are facing. We will be forced to close the industry if the same continues for two more months as there in no way out," he said.

Huge losses

Despite incurring huge losses, the industries are being forced to pay wages to regular employees as they cannot ask them not to attend duty or implement 'no work- no pay' like in the case of casual labour.

Another industrialist P. Durgaprasad said that many small and marginal industries are unable to bear the diesel cost and sometimes required diesel which is not available in the market at open market rate.

There are about 1,200 industries located at Pashamylaram which are facing similar problems.

While big companies are running the show due to compulsions, small companies are thinking of a way to come out of the crisis. Some of the industries have reportedly asked contract employees not to come until informed.