The TJAC chairman M. Kodandaram has accused the Government of trying to shift the iron ore from Bayyaram to Visakhapatnam by saying that the ore present here is of poor quality instead of setting up a factory in Khammam district.

“If the iron ore available in Bayyaram area is poor in quality how can it be useful for the VSP,” he questioned demanding the Government withdraw the G.O issued allotting thousands of acres of land to the VSP, at a press conference here on Sunday. He said good quality iron ore was available in Bayyaram in over one lakh acres.

Primary right

Echoing the demand that “Bayyaram Ukku-Telangana Hakku”, Prof. Kodandaram said that, in fact, tribal people had the primary right on the forest land and also resources endowed in them.

He said the Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy was against the interests of Telangana people. As long as the united Andhra Pradesh continued Telangana region would not develop, he felt.

Participating in the 2nd anniversary meeting of the Private Medical Practitioners’ Association of Telangana later the TJAC chairman, said that the PMPs numbering thousands in the region were the strongest votaries of separate Statehood issue.

They rendered yeoman contribution in strengthening the movement, he said.

Prof. Kodandaram launched the website designed for the association. The association founder president Pulagam Mohan, the TJAC district chairman I. Gopal Sarma, conveners Gaini Gangaram and V. Prabhakar, CPI (ML)-New Democracy district secretary K. Yadagiri, BJP national executive council member Dr. J. Bapu Reddy and NRI TJAC leader Ramana Reddy were also present.