Feel they may be discriminated against

The option given to officials to be transferred to either Telangana or the successor State of Andhra Pradesh may have become a punch bag for political parties campaigning for the general elections but as far as the all-India officers are concerned, it’s not an issue, especially not for the IAS cadre.

“The divide is total among the IAS officers. Most are not interested in staying. There are apprehensions that even if you choose to work here, you could be discriminated against in terms of postings. Save for officials nearing retirement, others want to move out,” reveal senior officials, not wishing to be identified.

Besides, there is also an overwhelming opinion among IAS officers hailing from the Andhra-Rayalaseema region that the bifurcation process was not done in the ‘right spirit’ with political expediency gaining precedence over sincere efforts for a more harmonious division, they said.

The feeling is said to be mutual among both the direct recruits as well as conferred IAS officers (from State cadre).

Initially, it was being debated that the direct IAS recruits could be transferred based on their nativity while for the conferred officers, roster system was to be applied as per the Agarwal formula.

“But the IAS officers making a presentation before the Pratyush Sinha committee argued that the same yardstick be applied to conferred officers as was the case for direct recruits. After all, when the service examination was written, no one even dreamt that Andhra Pradesh will be bifurcated,” they pointed out.

The senior officials explain that many young IAS officers are of the opinion that there are more growth opportunities in the successor State with plans for the new capital.

It means Telangana State can opt for outsiders (hailing from States other than A.P.) under the direct recruit IAS officers based on the roster system but there is also an argument that even they should be given the option to choose.