Built during the Nizam era, the airstrip served as a refuelling point for the fighter planes heading to the battle fronts until late1970s

The Indian Air Force (AIF) has begun putting the old aerodrome in the town to use like refuelling its Chetak helicopters those are used for training pilots. Four choppers belonging to the Hakimpet Helicopter Training Academy made brief halts at the airstrip located in the outskirts of the town on Tuesday to refuel the engines.

The move has raised hopes among the locals who expect more development activities at the airstrip which was laid in early 1930s during the Nizam era. The aerodrome was built apparently to be used as a refuelling point for the fighter aircrafts heading to battle fronts. Spread over 350 acres, the aerodrome has an airstrip running to about 1,000 metres.

After Independence, the airstrip came under the control of the IAF and it was used as a refuelling point until late 1970s after which it fell into disuse. In order to prevent the possible encroachments, the IAF secured the premises by erecting fence around the aerodrome in 1996. The IAF has started using the airfield since the past 10 days or so.