Former CBI Joint Director V.V. Lakshminarayana exhorts youth to fight against corruption by refusing to give and accept bribe

A large number of youth and schoolchildren participated in the “Run for the Nation” from Sri Ramakrishna Math at Putlampalle to the TTD kalyana mantapam here on Wednesday and carried Swami Vivekananda’s idol in a procession to mark his 150th birth anniversary celebrations.

Sanatana dharma will safeguard peace and tranquillity in the world, vice-president of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Utsava Samithi Gunti Lakshman said in a meeting in TTD kalyana mantapam. Swami Vivekananda underlined the importance of spiritual thinking and universal brotherhood in his iconic address at Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893, he said. Youth should draw inspiration from the Swamiji and tread the path shown by him and India should guide the world with its spiritual awakening, he added.

Students enacted a short skit on Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda under the aegis of Basara Vignana Peetham school principal Bhoopathi Jitendriya.

2K run in Tirupati was flagged off by SV University Vice-Chancellor W. Rajendra. Youngsters marched from the Srinivasa Sports Complex abutting SV Arts College to the statue of Swami Vivekananda near SV Medical College. Later, they garlanded the statue of Vivekananda and raised slogans. The celebrations were held on a grand note in Nellore with the followers of the saint-patriot taking part in the programmes enthusiastically.

Students from different colleges actively participated in the ‘Run for the Nation’ rally on the GT Road which began at the VRC Grounds around 10 a.m.

District Collector N. Srikanth and Superintendent of Police P.V.S. Ramakrishna, who flagged off the run, said that there was a need for the youth to imbibe the good values followed by leaders such as Vivekananda for shaping a bright future for the country.

Mr. Srikanth said that for the country to reach greater heights, there should be ‘one Vivekananda’ in every village to lead the present generation.

Samithi leader T. Bhasker Reddy said that the patriotic legacy that was left by Swamy Vivekananda continued to inspire the younger generations.

Former CBI Joint Director V.V. Lakshminarayana called upon the youth to reform themselves to fight against corruption by resolving to refuse to give and accept bribe to see a transferred nation in the future days.

Mr. Lakshminarayana was participating in “Youth Run for India” in Nalgonda marking the spiritual leader’s address at Chicago at “Parliament of World Religions” on September 11, 1893.

‘Corruption is very dangerous’

Explaining about the severity of corruption in India, Mr. Lakshminarayana said corruption turned out to be more dangerous than terrorism which impacted the nation in all aspects . “Each and every person in the country had to contribute to eradicate corruption from Indian soil to put the country on growth path, he said

Addressing the youth at NG College grounds , the former CBI Joint Director said student life was the most important phase in one’s life which not only influenced a family’s future but also the country’s.

Saying that the five minute speech of Swami Vivekananda reflected Indian culture and customs, the former Joint Director said the recent violent actions against the women damaged the image of India where women once used to receive great respect among all the countries in the world. When questioned over the progress of various cases he dealt with during his tenure in Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Lakshminarayana refused to comment on it saying that he was not holding the post of Joint Director CBI now. Later, he took part in 2-km “Youth Run for India” taken out from NG College to VT Collony where he garlanded the Swami Vivekananda’s statue. Collector T. Chiranjivulu, SP, T. Prabakara Rao, and others were present.

Students participated in the 2k run on the theme of “Run for the Nation’ here as part of Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary celebrations.

Collector M. Veerabrahmaiah flagged off the rally from Circus grounds and participated in the run along with the students and other officials.

‘Strong youth power needed’

He said that the country would progress if it had strong youth power. He also called upon the youth to participate in the noble mission of achieving cent per cent literacy in the district.

District Educational Officer K. Lingaiah urged the youth to play a responsible role in the development of the country.

School and college students, youth and volunteers participated in the ‘Run for the Nation’ which began from District Sports Authority stadium and culminated in a public meeting at the same place after covering main thoroughfares in the town. Athletic Association and Kho-Kho Association members also took part in the run.

2-K Run was held at the district headquarters in which a large number students from different schools and youths participated. The speakers at the programme called upon the youth to take inspiration from Swami Vivekananda and follow his teachings.

Scores of students came onto the roads shouting patriotic slogans and hailing Swami Vivekananda. The day was celebrated as ‘Universal Brotherhood Day’.

District Collector G. Kishan and Swami Vivekananda centenary celebrations committee president B Muralidhar flagged off the rally from University Arts College. Atma Chaitanyananda of Ramakrishna Mutt, BJP leader M Dharma Rao, Edla Ashok Reddy and G. Premender Reddy, NSS coordinator B Suresh Lal.

Plea to youth

Mr. Kishan exhorted the youth to assimilate and perpetuate the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. The students should bring name to the country and be ideal to others in the society.